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Tales From Outer Suburbia

"Tales from Outer Suburbia is an anthology of fifteen very short illustrated stories. Each one is about a strange situation or event that occurs in an otherwise familiar suburban world; a visit from a nut-sized foreign exchange student, a sea creature on someone’s front lawn, a new room discovered in a family home, a sinister machine installed in a park, a wise buffalo that lives in a vacant lot. The real subject of each story is how ordinary people react to these incidents, and how their significance is discovered, ignored or simply misunderstood." - By Shaun Tan

(Tan, S. Tales From Outer Suburbia, Shaun Tan, retrieved 23/11/2009)

Kate S
Hayley G
Daniel B
Macka H (2)
Alex H (2)
Zac S
Alannah K
Bridie L
Meg C
Lucas W
Isaac H (2)
Joel H (2)
Tommy N (2)
Will S (2)
Justin P (2)
Eliza B
Meredith T
Annalise B
Helen R (2)
Sophie W
Devon H (2)
Rowan J (2)
Georgia W
Hannah S
Zane F (2)
Lachlan B (2)
Tom D (2)
Joel G (2)
Megan B