The Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Sydney Harbour Bridge was built by 1,400 workers and is a very tall 426 feet tall. Over 6 millions bolts were placed into this huge bridge so the structure would be steady. It was on the 28th of July 1923 in Sydney Australia, where the Sydney Harbour Bridge was started being built. 1,400 people worked on the bridge including the famous actor Paul Hogan who painted some of the Bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was built so it would be easier for transport to get to one place to another quicker. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was designed by Dr J.J.C Bradfield and the officers of the NSW Department of Public Works. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed in 1932 on the 19th of January.

Bridge Completed!
Finally, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed on the 19th of January 1932. The Bridge was celebrated when it had officially been built as a whole.That lead to the public of Sydney giving the Bridge its local name, the Coat- Hanger. The Bridge was built directly on top of the Sydney Harbour and is very close to the famous Sydney Opera House.

Transport Invited onto the Bridge
Meanwhile, the public were waiting to drive over the Bridge. The Government had to think of the right date to officially let transport drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Finally, after 3 months transport were allowed to drive over it. It was officially opened for the public in March 1932. More than 150,000 people cross the Bridge everyday, and the public say it has made driving a lot quicker for transport to get to one place to another.

A Special Event
The Sydney Harbour Bridge has its celebrations only once in a while. So when the Sydney public and the rest of the country heard about the 75th anniversary of the Bridge people around Australia celebrated in fantastic fashion. The event was celebrated on the 19th of January 2007. The country celebrated by drinking champange and visiting the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was a rare occasion for the Bridge.

New Years Eve Celebrations
Only a year later after the Sydney Harbour Bridge's 75th Anniversary there was another special event for the Bridge. Every New Years Eve in the middle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a lit up object. But in 2008 it was a very special year. Lot's of the country rate it as the best New Years Eve in 8 years. In 2008 there was a huge sun in the middle of the Bridge. Most of the country watches the telecast on TV and the count down with only 10 seconds left of the year. It is the best venue to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

This continues and will always be a famous landmark of Australia. It is defentily the most biggest and most famous bridge in Australia.