When I was a kid I used to and still do have a very wacky neighbourhood. But one little neighbour in particular, always get's on my nerves. Everyday, the door bell rings and my first guess of who it is, is always right. Although, I have never seen this person apart from when he'd ring the door bell. One day he didn't come around he there was no door bell sound. I was so puzzled I couldnt figure out why he wasn't coming around. I then noticed why and wasn't coming around. As I peered out the window a machine stood there in the middle of the road.'' Why haven't I noticed this before?'' I asked myself rubbing my head shaking it. '' Everyone has got one, expect me" I said sobbing. I saw the label on the side it read '' Cloning Machine''. I was shocked and also devestated when I saw a little boy from next door hop into it. '' Oh my god, Im going to be answering the door bell a lot more often" I said, mummbling.