Devon (information report)

NBA Style- Information Report
NBA, what a sport! Where would basketball fans be without it? NBA stands for National Basketball Association and it is played with many teams all around the world, mostly in the northern hemisphere. A basketball match goes for 40 minutes with 10 minute quarters and approximately 5 minute breaks in between. Basketball was invented to make a different sport than the everyday football and tennis. NBA is the highest level of a basketballer can reach and would be a huge honour to play in. Basketball is one of the most fastest and skilled games ever in the history of sport.
The Actors
NBA basketballers flop and scream in pain looking for a free throw. This is called and is one of the softer things in NBA, “acting.” Of course they are faking to be hurt and injured. Many of the umpires fall for the NBA players acting skills. Nor are they only taking dives for a free throw but they are also doing it to look like their opponent has fouled them. Not a very positive element in the name of NBA.
Without A Guide Dog
NBA basketballers have a hard time playing in the big league. But imagine how hard it would be if you were playing NBA fully blinded. Just ask Cedric Ceballes who played 10 season of NBA blinded. He was noticed all around when he won the Slam Dunk Championship! It was such an amazing achievement for such an inspirational player. He won a record 20,000 dollars for the best slam dunk.
The Incredible Flight of Michael Jordan
There are heaps of stand outs in the NBA but one of the biggest stars ever is Michael Jordan who played 12 seasons for the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jeffery Jordan is named one of the best high flyers with his jumps and his furious dunks. Just recently he was named into the Hall of Fame with many other NBA stars. The public named him as a brilliant player that helped the Bulls to many Championship wins.
Fashion Parade
There are heaps of outfits that the NBA players wear to look good. But the whole point of NBA is to play basketball, isn’t it? NBA players are getting paid more than the actual game for dressing well. For example, the star Michael Jordan released his own pair of shoes that were worth way more than playing the game of NBA. A lot of players are too worried about how the look than shooting hoops for their team.
Turning up the Heat
There are lots of basketballers that can easily get their hands over the ball. In fact most of the NBA players can pick the ball up with no troubles. This is not the case for Glen Rice. He can barely pick the ball up because he has the smallest hands in the NBA. He struggles to win stoppages because he just can’t seem to pick the ball up.
NBA is an extremely popular sport that is played across the world. There are lots of things happening in NBA and even some in the clothing industry. Their skills have been highlighted and are a great aspect of the game. There are basketballers hands that cant wrap over the ball and how do you cope blinded? There are high flyers that perform for the whole 40 minutes of a game. NBA, what a sport!

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