Good Night’s Sleep

The new people were loud. They never had a night without parties. The house was on the corner of a big court, with a stupid pirate flag hanging from the TV antenna. Their recycle bin was always full of beer bottles and cars parked everywhere. They were literally Party Animals. They were all skinny. One was tall, some were small and the others were something in between. The tall one was a giraffe, but nowhere near the size of adulthood. The others were all different types of cats. One was a leopard, another was a cheetah and the last was a panther.
Every week they got almost everyone in the court to join in the party. The stereo was always turned up really loud and annoyed everyone who wasn’t part of the party. This was mainly me. Whenever I need a good sleep, there’s a party. My mum has tried asking them to turn it down but they never listen. This is why I define them as party animals. Then another week more came to visit. This was worse. I could tell because their recycle bin filled up even quicker.

Anyway, mum tells me not to worry about them anymore. They have quietened down the last couple of weeks. But I know they still have party fever left in them. Hopefully they don’t party the next time I need a good night’s sleep.