In 1969 thousands of people gathered into whitelakein the town of Bethel to witness “3 days of peace and music”
Some of the most famous band and musicians such as jimmy Hendrix and the who. There were 32 bands at Woodstock and played to around 1million people and children.
There were 5 groups cancelled and 9 declined invitations Such as the who because john lennon said he couldn’t get the band to gather and led zeppelin because they got a higher paid gig in Asbury Park
The tickets cost $18 in advance and $24 at the gate all together they got around $42,000,000
The who played 15 songs and finished the night on day 2. Jimmy Hendrix ended Woodstock in 9:00 in the morning playing Star spangled banner being one of the most famous acts of all time. Playing purple haze with his teeth and ripping random solos strickling the crowd attention
Woodstock was one of the most famous music & art festivals of all time and it changed music history for ever and has influents band and musicians today.