Dear Sue Lawson,
Your book is a beautiful book because it is creative and it has used lots of detail. It was a little sad. You can see that you have not over done it so that is good. You can see you have put time and effort into writing your book, it was really good. One part of the book I really liked was when the two grandparents were out on a holiday and that was page 14. I liked that page because it reminded me of my four grandparents who love to travel around the world. I love them very much. I found that clown photo funny. Very good job Sue.

What did the girl have to give up for the flag?
A= Teddy
B= Pants
C= Top
Where do hey sleep?
A= house
B= Cabin
C= Tent
Where do they live?
A= Melbourne
B= Darwin
C= Ballarat
When did the flag get put up?
A= Afternoon
B=Dinner time
C= Dawn
How did they make the flag?
A= Wood
B= sew
C= Coloured it.