Historical Recount 2009
Black Saturday
Brianna M

On the 7th of February 2009 Black Saturday occurred. The weather blew out of control. The fire brigade took hours and nearly days to stop the fire. The people that lived in the area of the fire were ringing up the fire brigade as they were rushing to get to the fire for people to not get hurt.

Black Saturday started on a hot day at the temperature of over 30 degrees. It sparked and then the flame started to blow up. The flame spread to bushes and to the trees and then to houses. People were screaming and running from houses to houses screaming to everyone to get out. Lots of people were ringing the fire brigade to help them and to put out the flame that was spreading everywhere and people were running out of control to get out of the bush.

It was raging and got worse. The flame was higher than it was before. Several animals got burned and died because the flame spread up the trees. The fire spread everywhere and some people had to run through the fires just to get out of it. The flame got higher and the fire brigade came and rushed through to get to the fire to help people and see if anyone got hurt. They got as many people out of the fire as they could and some got out by themselves but got really bad burns on them or got out before the flame grew into a fire.

Over 210 people died and 141 people were badly injured. The people that got badly burned had to go to the hospital. The fire bregade came and rushed out to fight the raging flames to help save lives. Many houses got destroyed. People near by stopped and stared as the fire fighters were putting the fire out.

The fire raged as the fire brigade got on top of it and the fires were extinguished. Before the fire got put out it was enormous. The people that own the houses that burned down still go back to visit where the fire was. Even some people bought caravans and put them where their houses used to be.

Overall, people were aware of the fire and were helping so people don't get hurt. Overall 351 people either got injured or died. Black Saturday was one of the worst things that ever happened to Victoria.