The Vietnam War

A long time ago Australia was in the Vietnam War. There were a lot of people
in this war and a lot of them died. This war happened because North Vietnam
wanted to take over South Vietnam but the government from South Vietnam
wouldn't let them. North Vietnam started a massive drive aided by China and
Russia to make South Vietnam their land. In this War 2.5 billion people from
both sides of the war died in the devastating scenes.

In 1860 the French really wanted to take over Vietnam and make it a part of the
French Country. The Chinese had already claimed it and were not giving it up.
They didn't want to give up with out trying. They were trying everything but
nothing was working. In the end they just decided to give up and let China
keep Vietnam.

A long time after in 1950 the U.S started sending troops to South Vietnam.
The reason they were sending troops over was so they were protected from
North Vietnam. At the same time this was happening, North Vietnam was
starting a massive riot. North and South Vietnam haven't got along for a while.
This riot would take place in China then make its way to Russia.

In the late 1960's a war erupted. This war was all about North Vietnam taking
over South Vietnam. This war was massive, as big as the First World War.
Australia was a part of this war and it didn't look good for them. 2.5 Billion
people died in this war! When this war was over North Vietnam and South
Vietnam joined together to make one country.

If you go over to Vietnam today you will find a big Museum all about this War.
It is really interesting to find out what happened in our past. People that have
seen it have said that it was mind blowing and that they would definitely go back
again. It was a very tragic thing that happened and we should be appreciate those
who fought for us.

So as you can see this was a very bad and devastating war that went on.
The1960's was a big decade and no one will forget what happened that day.
It makes you proud to be apart of Australia and what our country did for us.