Letter to a movie producer
To Steven Spielberg,
My name is Bianca and I am the author of Fairy-tale News. I am writing to you to give you a suggestion about my book. I would like you to consider making my book into a movie. My book has become a major hit in Australia and I believe that the movie will be just as popular if not more popular. My book is a great story for young kids aged 4-6. I think that children will adore the movie. Kids adore the characters and the story line of the book. Kids love how all their favourite Fairy-tales come into one great book. These are the actors that I think would best play the main characters from my book:
Jack: Macaulay Culain
Mother Hubbard: Karen Allen
Goldie-locks: Abigail Breslin
Little red riding hood: Dakota Fanning
Giant: Jim Carrey
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