The very best of friends.

Task = Design a time line for the events in the book.

1. James, Jessie and William live on a farm.
2. James loves cats but Jessie doesn’t.
3. William tried to tell Jessie that there was mail but Jessie didn’t understand.
4. So William would go off tho find James.
5. William loved it inside the house, he had a basket near the fire.
6. At night William lays on James’ lap while he watches TV and Jessie’s writes letters to all her pen pals.
7. At night when James and Jessie are asleep William jumps up onto the bed and falls to sleep on James’ feet.
8. One day James died of a heart attack.
9. Jessie couldn’t cope that well so she made William be an outside cat.
10. William didn’t like sleeping in the shed. It smelled like petrol. So he tried to escape inside.
11. Jessie stayed inside all day and night she watched TV and William chased the chickens.
12. William turned into a feral cat.
13. William scratched Jessie and that was when she did three things.
14. First she unbolted the cat flap. Then she got Williams food bowls and washed them and lastly she got his bed from the shed and put it inside next to the fire. William and Jessie are now the very best of friends!

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