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Book: Shaggy Gully times
Author: Jackie French
Illustrator: Bruce Whatley
67 = Write about the characters life in 20 years from now. Your information must link to the information you currently have about the character.

Mothball wombat’s life in the book
This book is a little different to any normal book. You see, this book is set up like a newspaper called the Shaggy Gully times. It is written by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley. Mothball wombat is the editor of this supposed newspaper and always writes personal comments on the pages of the newspaper. He pretends he is the hero and no one else is. He writes in a personal note that nobody loves him in Shaggy Gully and then when there is a poster on the last page about a party of appreciation to him he suddenly loves Shaggy Gully! He is also crazy about carrots.

Mothball wombat’s life in 20 years
In twenty years time, I think he will become a much better editor than he is now. He will stop writing personal comments and make a new edition if there are that many mistakes. Because of these changes, he is now a respected person in Shaggy Gully. The people have parties once a week dedicated to Mothball wombat. He will still be crazy about carrots.