Bali Bombing
On the 12th of October 2002 there was a bombing in Kuta, Bali. 3 bombs were set off killing 88 Australians. The group Jemmaah Islamiyah contained some of the bombers involved.Paddy's Bar and The Sari club were badly hit because they don't like foreigners because they don't beleive in the way they live..

In the attack there was a suicide bomber and a car bomb near The Sari Club and Paddy's bar. There was also a smaller bomb outside the US comnsulate that only made minnor damage. There were 2 bars that were bombed in the attack. Paddy's Bar and The Sari Club were both bombed . The bombs were so horrific that windows were shattered blocks away. In the bomb there were glass and nails which meant critical injurys.

Australians lost the most citizens in the attack. Some areas were very negative towards Bali and Indonesia . Lots of people lost their loved ones and many came out seriouly injured. It really shocked some people. Some Perth residents said that Bali is closer to them than Sydney is to them. Some say it Affected people more than 9/11.

There were memorials and ceremonies to remember the people who died in attack.There is a big memorial outside Paddy's bar it had all the names of the people who died. There was a new Paddy's bar built in a different place. There was a ceremony which an Australian Ambassador and Indonesion officials attended.

A trial started on May 12th 2003 over the Bali bombings. Amorozi Bin Nurhasam was standing trial for four counts of terrorism. Amorozi's maxuim sentence was the death sentence. Amorozi didn't seem vey nervous he was called the smiling assain. Lots of victims familys and friends were at the trial and were yelling death threats at Amorozi. Amorozi was eventually killed at age 41.

These are four of the main events in the Bali bombings. The 12th of October will always be remembered as the day 88 Australians died.. The Bali bombings were a shocking time for Australians losing so many lives of people they know.