Mcdonalds Reserve

On weekends and holidays, I like to walk down the street to Mcdonals reserveto play around. We sometimes take a soccer ball, a football, a netball and sometimes we just take nothing and talk to our posts. I have been down there with most of my friends, it is something to do when we are sitting around the house being bored.

There is on thing that makes us want to go down there more. All of the goal posts in the neighborhood are very nice. When I try to kick a goal and it goes way out wide, they move for me so I get a goal! I sometimes walk down myself without my school friends, I don't need them when I have so many posts down there. My favourite goal post is Frank. He is very friendly and wise. When I need a question answered, I go straight to Frank and he will have the answer.

The school term ended which meant I could go and see al my posts again. I walked down the street happily and I didn't know that something very depressing was coming. There was a sign next to the oval that said: 'Vandals came and pulled out our goal posts, they also graffitied all over them. We will be getting replacements put in sometime this week.'