Royal Tennis Information Report
Royal Tennis is a sport mostly played in England, although there are 5 clubs in Australia. It was first played In Italy one thousand years ago. Royal Tennis was only played by wealthy people but is now played by anyone. The aim of the game is to hit a ball with a racquet on certain parts of the walls.

France and Italy were the first to play Royal Tennis one thousand years ago. Only wealthy people from the Royal family could afford to play Royal Tennis. When outdoor tennis was invented the popularity of Royal Tennis decreased, in 1740 Royal Tennis world championships begun with Clerge, the elder winning the first.

Royal Tennis in Australia:
Royal Tennis begun in Australia in 1870, it was originally bought over by an Englishmen who had recent experience with the game. Hobart was the first club to open but now there are five in Australia. Robert Fahey is the most successful Australian Royal Tennis player with the last 9 world championships.

Playing the Game:
Royal Tennis is played between two people, the server serves it to one side of the wall and the two will keep hitting it against the wall until somebody misses the target or hits a winner. The scoring is exactly like tennis 15, 30, and 40 and then game, it is first to six games in a set and in world championships it is best of thirteen sets. In normal matches it is best of 7 sets.

The equipment used in Royal Tennis is a two and a half inch diameter ball that is hand made out of fabric tape, the ball weighs seventy one grams. The racquets are six hundred and eighty six mm long and the frame is made out of wood.

A Royal tennis court is 34mx12m on the roof and 29mx9.8m on the ground. Each side of the court differs, the oldest surviving Royal Tennis court is at Falkland Palace and it was built in 1539. There are now 47 Royal Tennis courts currently in use in the world.

Royal Tennis is one of the oldest sports in the world, it is played everyday by some of Royal Tennis’s greats. Royal Tennis has been around for a thousand years, it would be no surprise if it keeps on going to be a great sport forever. It has a huge history that date’s back to the 1700’s.